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How to say "Thank You!" is sometimes a dilemma

For over 21 years, The Bouquet of Fruits Brand has been answering its customers' gift giving questions from around the world. Whether your need is for 1 or 1,000 gift packs, you can count on Bouquet of Fruits· for the freshest and most thoughtfully created gift for personal or business gift giving. Private Label and custom design makes Bouquet of Fruits Brand one of the most cost effective and appropriate marketing tools for your business. We are the manufacturer, so you deal direct. there are no middleman to drive up costs or skimp on the product.

The Japanese culture, long known for its traditions of gift giving, has influenced our American business traditions in a very positive way. Now American business men and women routinely say "thank you" to customers, colleagues and business associates through the medium of gift giving.

Very often the question they face is how to choose a gift for someone who has just about everything they need? An excellent answer is Bouquet of Fruits Brand custom gift packages.

Our special consideration to selected varieties of extra fancy fresh fruits, confections, gourmet items and artistic packaging... creates an attractive gift of good health, good taste and uncommon beauty. An excellent choice for business-to-business gift giving.

Giving gifts that are unique allows business men and women to show personal appreciation while at the same time promoting their Company's corporate culture. With our wholesale direct program, we can custom design private label gift packages using your "Company Colors".

NOTE: These gifts typically feature California's premium fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, wines and other gourmet products. Custom gifts can also include your own items for a personal touch.